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Future for Young People in an international context

TGLE is the organisation who puts young people in the driver's seat in the streetwise world of practices, from their professional education curriculum.
1 point is the focus: Young people take the lead. They create the space for transition according to us, which our society needs in a world where society changes so more and more rapidly. We do this in an international network context. For instance we have network colleagues in Northern-Ireland, Turkey and Brazil. They work on locally on projects with a TGLE connection and mindset.

TGLE delivers Consultancy,Project management, Concept development, Co-Design and Coaching in the areas of Agrifood, Talent development and Event- & Media- Productions

How do we do that?

Together with young people we take up the challenge of your project. And we take it a step further.
Next to the project project we mainly also take care of the proces. During the road to a succesfull outcome,
are we busy coaching and facilitating the young people and at the same time the committed organisations.
TGLE works in a network structure in a international context, with projects, network and experience in different countries. Our main goal is taking society to the next step together wìth young people.

I look for a project

Sign in at TGLE to build your CV. Create a strong network and experience by doing quality and fun projects in your field of expertise.

I have a project

TGLE can start work for you with their network of young people. By coaching young people in the driver's seat while they execute projects, young people get the opportunity to develop them selves and at the same time provides possible innovative results and products for the project.

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